Why Social Commerce?

Humans are by nature social beings. We live in communities. We love getting together. We share stories with friends and family. Even though modern technology has transformed societies, but our fundamentals generally remain the same.

  • We feel more comfortable with someone of similar backgrounds, habits or interests.
  • We seek the company of others as it brings us joy and fulfillment.
  • We love to share with the people we care and love.
  • We trade products and services with one another to live and survive.
  • We enjoy great bargains when we shop.

Shopping is inherently a social activity. That’s why we naturally ask our family and friends for opinions before we buy something, from quality to style to value-for-money. Sometimes, we even seek advices from strangers – salesperson, other shoppers or consultants to make better purchasing decisions. With the advent of internet, more and more people are turning to social media for product recommendations and reviews before buying anything.

As one of the newest eCommerce platforms in Indonesia, Mucho will harness the power of social technologies to connect, engage, listen and understand your needs, preferences and lifestyle, so you can become a better and more satisfied shopper.

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